Sunday, September 20, 2009

I never imagined!

I spent my first few days here in Barcelona.  There really are not worlds that can explain it nor are there Pictures  that can do the city its worth.  The people are warm and loving to a point of leaving there babies with Complete strangers while they walk around the market.    The smells of the city mixed with the view of the mountains and the breeze of the ocean, I felt for a brief moment time stood still.  When I realized that time was not still and everything that was happening to me REALLY WAS HAPPENING.   Thats when it really sunk in that I was not in Albany . . . I was not in NY . . . . No.   I was in Spain.

We all lived in Hostels.  8 bunks to a room, one window, one door, one bathroom.  I thought to myself that the group I was with would all be put into the same few rooms.   Well, boy was I wrong!    I was living with 2 girls from Austria and 4 girls from Germany and one other American.
Now the Austrians and the Germans both speak German.   but the Austrians and the Germans had no idea what each-other were saying because of their accents.  As they tried to communicate with each-other   they would look at me and the other American girl like     "Do you have any idea what she is saying ?" . . . hah  like we knew what was going on.

Lets just say in my first few days of being in Spain I learned more german and made more friends from all over the world  then I ever thought I would.

I cant thank my parents enough back home for giving me this opportunity.  It has already changed my life a little bit.

ich liebe dich  und gute Nacht   i love you and good night in german

This has been another small window into My life in ALICANTE

Monday, September 7, 2009


Today is Monday the 7th and I will be leaving for Alicante Spain in 10 days!

1. Albany NY to Washington D.C
2. Washington D.C to Frankfurt Germany
3. Frankfurt Germany to Barcelona Spain

Just one . . . Oh Joy
1. Barcelona Spain to Alicante to meet my host family for the first time.